Age of War

Age of War

Age of War


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Are you ready to defend your base and conquer your enemies? Age of War is the ultimate online strategy game that will put your tactical abilities to the test. Embark on an epic journey through 5 ages, each offering unique units and technologies. From the humble Stone Age to the advanced modern era, you’ll command armies and unleash devastating attacks to secure victory.

Simple Controls, Limitless Potential

Getting started is a breeze! Left-click to select units or buildings, right-click to move them, and use the spacebar to launch powerful attacks. Assemble your troops, dominate the battlefield, and protect your base from annihilation. The game controls are so intuitive that you’ll be in the heat of battle in no time.

Tips for Dominating the Ages

To emerge victorious, you must master the art of balancing your economy. Ensure your resources support your growing army, for without them, defeat is imminent. Upgrade your units as you progress through the ages, enhancing their power and resilience. And don’t forget to leverage the unique abilities of each unit to crush your enemies. Remember, perseverance is key – the later ages may pose a challenge, but with practice, triumph is within your grasp.

The Ultimate Strategy Game

Age of War isn’t just any game – it’s a captivating experience that caters to players of all skill levels. Its addictive gameplay and straightforward controls will keep you engaged for hours on end. Max Games, the renowned developer behind this masterpiece, has received widespread acclaim for crafting this gem. Since its release in 2006, Age of War has garnered positive reviews from both critics and players alike, standing as a testament to its longevity.

Experience the thrill of Age of War today. Unleash your strategic brilliance, lead your troops to victory, and prove your dominance on the battlefield. The Visitor is your gateway to this extraordinary gaming adventure. Click here to embark on your journey.